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Tax Services

“Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it”
– Syrus
Singapore has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, and avails numerous pro-business tax exemption schemes and grants to locally incorporated companies/businesses. To operate successfully in Singapore’s business environment and to benefit fully from these attractive tax incentives, however, requires you to be aware of the possible tax issues generated from various inter-company and international business activities.
At PB Corporate Services, we are committed to delivering quality and timely tax services that help individuals and businesses to fulfil their tax reporting obligations and to benefit from the various incentives in place.
To provide you with the highest level of professional level of support, we work closely with our “in-house” and ATO-certified Accounting firm, Aspri Associates. You can rely on our team of qualified accountants to deliver personalised and dedicated tax services, which add value to your bottom line.
Our wide spectrum of tax services include:

Singapore Companies - Corporate Tax

  • Preparation, review and filing of Corporate Tax Returns;
  • Highlight applicable tax incentive schemes, reliefs and grants available to specific clients, business types, and industry sectors;
  • Discuss benefits/prudence of applying for Singapore tax residency (i.e. for clients trading internationally), with assessment of client’s ability to meet the criteria for “Permanent Establishment” (PE);
  • Application for Certificate of Tax Residency (COR);
  • Withholding tax & Foreign Tax Credit claims;
  • Review and (if necessary) advice to redraft inter-company/related party/cross-border contracts and agreements to ensure there are no tax avoidance or transfer pricing issues (Reviewed by our Audit Associates/Tax Consultancy partner);
  • Issue of dividend vouchers;
  • Registration of Customs Account

GST Registration & Reporting

  • Registration/deregistration of Goods and Services Tax (GST);
  • Preparation, review and submission of quarterly GST Returns;
  • Application for Major Exporters Scheme

Partnership/LLP/LP, Sole Proprietor Business & Individual Tax

  • Preparation, review and filing of Tax Returns for partnerships and sole proprietor businesses;
  • Preparation, review and filing of Individual Income Tax Returns for directors/employees (including returns for foreign directors/overseas employees);
  • Review or preparation of your locally-based employees’ income statement – Form IR8A, and CPF contributions;
  • Advice on foreign employee/employer tax matters, including advance tax payments for employees of foreign employers and tax clearance for resigning foreign employees;
  • Preparation, review and submission of Form IR21 (tax clearance for foreign employees);
  • Cancellation of work passes under MOM (performed separately by our Employment Agency)

Other Tax-Related Support & Consultancy Services

  • Respond to correspondence/addressing tax queries raised by the IRAS and other relevant regulatory authorities, including assistance in completing government surveys;
  • Research and report on Double Taxation Avoidance agreements and export schemes relevant to domiciliation of client’s trading partners;
  • In-depth advisory on corporate and individual tax reporting obligations for directors/owners of Singapore companies and businesses;
  • Provide clients with a general overview/education on Singapore’s taxation system for corporate entities and individuals (We can also do this for Hong Kong corporate tax, too.);
  • Referrals to our certified Tax Consultancy partners or Audit Associates for tax planning, responding to IRAS audits and investigations, and the voluntary disclosure of errors
Tax Services
For more information about our tax services or to request a quotation please contact us at +65 6324 1922. We will be pleased to hear from you!
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